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PeepalCo’s Lemonn launches Futures and Options trading

India, 09 May 2024: PeepalCo’s latest offering, Lemonn has rolled out Futures and Options (F&O) trading on the platform at zero trading brokerage. The user-centric design and app interface simplifies the trading experience; empowering traders to execute F&O trades with the help of live trading charts in just four clicks. 


Speaking on the announcement, Devam Sardana, Business Head, Lemonn, said “The Indian stock market has witnessed a remarkable surge in the recent years, underpinned by India’s sustained economic growth, improved risk management practices, and robust financial system; presenting investors with opportunities to explore. Recognizing this, we are excited to introduce F&O trading for our users, empowering them to capitalize on the market’s potential.”


Lemonn is offering a lifetime free account (no account opening charges and no annual maintenance charges) while the zero-trading brokerage will be applicable for one year for all the users. The company is also gearing up to announce yet another new product within the next two months.


Lemonn is a stock investing app and was launched earlier this financial year by PeepalCo, a house of brands building wealth tech products for India. The app is designed to streamline the process of discovery and decision-making for new investors. 


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