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The "AI Godfather" leaves Google to warn against the dangers of artificial intelligence

Famous computer scientist and one of the “Godfathers of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, recently left his job at Google so that he could openly discuss his worries about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Hinton, who received the Turing Award in 2018 for his innovative work in AI, claims that he now regrets some of the things he has done with his life and is concerned about the effects of the technology he helped develop.

Hinton emphasized his worries about the propagation of fraudulent images and text and the possible exploitation of AI by “bad actors” in an interview.

He pointed out that if the industry's competitiveness intensifies, it could be hard to stop such consequences, which might eventually lead to a world where no one can discern what is true any longer.

Hinton is also concerned about how AI could affect employment and if it will replace routine tasks. He admits that AI has the capacity to create and execute its own code and may one day outperform humans in intellect. Hinton acknowledges that he was first dubious of such assertions but now thinks it's a legitimate possibility.

According to the source, Hinton joined Google more than ten years ago after the business bought a startup he and two of his students co-founded. Modern AI technologies like ChatGPT were created as a result of their work on neural networks, which enabled computers to train themselves to recognize familiar things.

Hinton said that although he was originally pleased with Google's management of the technology, he changed his mind once Microsoft introduced Bing, a search engine with artificial intelligence that put Google's core operations in jeopardy.

He used Twitter to explain his perspective on leaving Google after the interview. He defended his previous employers by stating, “I quit so that I could speak about the risks of AI without taking Google's interests into account. Google operated in a very responsible manner.

A turning point in Hinton's career as a scientist and educator has been marked by his departure from Google. His focus will now be on educating people about the dangers of artificial intelligence and advocating for a responsible approach to its creation and use.

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