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Twitter Blue Tick: Use This Hack to Temporarily Recover Your Lost Twitter Blue Tick

There may be a method to temporarily restore your Twitter verified blue checkmark if you lost it. Twitter users may temporarily restore their blue tick verification status thanks to a hack that's been floating around.

There are certain restrictions to this hack, but several users have claimed that it works on both the web and the Twitter app. First off, if the user refreshes their profile or exits the app, the blue tick will go. Second, other Twitter users cannot see the blue tick; only the user may see it.

Although the cause of this bug is unknown, it appears to be a short-term error that Twitter may soon fix. Nevertheless, for the time being, a few users have been able to momentarily regain their verified status thanks to this hack, which only lasted a short while.

It's vital to remember that this hack is not a surefire or long-term fix, even if it could temporarily relieve people who have lost their verified status. It is unclear at this time if this flaw will be resolved soon since Twitter has not yet responded to the situation.

By making minor changes to your profile bio, you may attempt this trick if you've lost your Twitter verified blue checkmark status. There is no assurance that this hack will work for everyone, so be warned that the blue tick might vanish at any time.

A Twitter Blue membership, which costs Rs 900 per month for both Android and Apple iOS users in India, is required to get verified on Twitter. The monthly fee for individuals who subscribe via the Twitter website is Rs 650. Customers may also get a web subscription for an additional Rs 6,800 per year. While it costs Rs 9,400 a year for iOS and Android.

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